Ahad, 19 Jun 2011

***Update - Curi-curi wang Malaysia

Kemaskini Sekarang!!!

Curi-curi wang Malaysia facebook fanpage.

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About this page:

LIKE this page. We can prove to government we no need to spend RM1.8M for a success fan page.

We want our mismanaged money back!

Please use English or Malay when posting for everyone can understand our voices.

Keep this page clean from SPAM too, thanks!


Perbezaan 'like' fanpage bernilai RM1.8 juta dan fanpage percuma sehingga pagi ini.

RM1.8M : Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia : 39,572 people like this.

FREE : Curi-curi Wang Malaysia : 115,643 people like this.